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Selling Dentistry Mini Video Series

Selling is a part of being in any business and it is the part that many professionals do not enjoy. For dentists and their teams, selling dentistry can be a constant challenge. That’s why national average dental case acceptance is only 30-50%.

If so, we have a solution for your problem. Janet Hagerman, dental practice consultant and client experience expert, has created a special 3-part mini-video series to speak directly to this problem.

Get the free 3-part mini-video series that will introduce you to concepts of selling dentistry that are honest, authentic and profitable.

Is This You?


...without feeling pushy or unethical. This is what I teach my clients to do. I created this 3-part mini-video series to help you shift negative perceptions that can interfere with selling effectively. Also, I offer a few strategies that can get you started right away to increase your treatment acceptance and improve your patient relationships.

Selling Dentistry

It’s not Your Fault!

If you are in the national average of only 30-50% dental treatment case acceptance, it’s not your fault. You never learned this in school. The good news: You can learn the soft skills necessary to help you get your patients to predictably and reliably say YES to your dental treatment.

Consumers make buying decisions based on emotion, not logic. Reduce patients’ clinical overwhelm. Unite your team with the soft skills necessary to sell dentistry from the heart. Get everyone on the same page and propel your practice, profits and patient care.

Selling From the Heart

Take the stigma out of “selling” and replace it with soft skills for success. Relationships Rule. Trust is your Treasure. Learn the soft skills that promote trust and develop relationships, that help your patients to want what they need. Learn how to help your patients say YES to YOUR dentistry.

Success with Soft Skills

Janet teaches teams soft skills to

sell dentistry

ethically, elegantly, and effectively

Janet understands your practice challenges. She is an international speaker, author and consultant with over 30 years of coaching and clinical experience, with solo practices and DSOs.

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Janet Hagerman


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Serving clients for the past 15+ years, I have had the privilege of contributing to this profession beyond my tenure as a clinician. Here are a few examples of what my clients say...

What Do Others Say About Janet?

M. Hernandez

Dental American Group

“Janet, thanks to the technology you provided us, I am more than satisfied with the progress we have experienced. We are working as a team, listening to our patients’ needs and values, presenting “from our heart” what is needed, being their advocate! And our best reward is their acceptance!”

Dr. C. Pateras DDS

“I am very happy with the significant positive impact Janet has had on our practice. I sought her services because I was interested in pursuing training in communications to help my team improve patient motivation and education, while also improving efficiency. With Janet's guidance we have significantly improved our team harmony and participation, established systems and protocols, enhanced our perio program, and improved efficiency. Our patients have responded positively to our changes. We, as a team, are happier. Thanks Janet!”

“We have made a complete transformation…with Janet’s guidance. The overall morale of our office has improved by leaps and bounds. Our staff…is more positive, …more willing to share ideas and more likely to take on new projects with a great attitude. Production has skyrocketed and patient care is at its very best. Janet is a positive force with great ideas. Taking her perspective is an excellent way to rethink your current situation and make positive changes. She gives you the tools to increase productivity and positivity in your practice..”

K. Santy

Today's Dentistry

Management Leader DCNJ

C. Roloson, RDH

“Janet always sees the potential of what I envision of the future for myself and for my teams. She helps me clarify my challenges..by guiding and empowering ..more action and accountability. She has been my accountability partner for the past 2 years..and my non-judgmental partner all along the way.”

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More than 15 years coaching dental teams, private practices, and groups

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